Critical friend

Our people also provide coaching and mentoring services to individuals and organisations who need a helping hand with sometimes difficult and complex projects, events and situations.

We offer constructive support to help you:

  • make better decisions
  • review progress
  • draw up action plans
  • achieve your goals
  • generate new ideas
  • challenge working practices
  • find better ways of working.

As a trusted collaborative and accountable partner we can facilitate your projects and events, be a sounding board for ideas and provide valuable, honest and confidential advice.

Many organisations have engaged us as their 'critical friend' to support a wide range of initiatives. Our support adds real value either on a one to one basis with individual projects or to facilitate collaboration between multi-agency groups and teams.

Why not consider this service the next time you need a helping hand.

Example: Offering a helping hand with public safety

In 2012 our public safety team were on hand to support organisers of the Olympic Torch Relay as they prepared to host a large number of spectators. Members of the team worked as Safety Officers at a number of Olympic venues, including the Velodrome and provided training, plan reviews and validation through exercises for each venue prior to the events.

We also supported the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow. The organisers found our knowledge and advice indispensable prior to and during the Games.

The framework we introduced to these events has now been adapted to successfully support our clients from the retail sector, a wide range of sporting venues and the events industry.

Our team also supported the London Borough of Greenwich when they were responsible for delivering the Tall Ships Regatta in 2014. We not only supported them with training, qualifications, plan reviews but we also were there on the day, working at the event.  We provided valuable support as mentors and advisers to Greenwich's control room managers and site managers.

Seeing us in action, London Borough of Greenwich were confident they were receiving the absolute best support and advice available. Not only did we help to deliver a hugely successful event, but we left behind a legacy of learning and development that will endure to serve the management of events in the future.