Consultancy Services

Unlock your potential

EPC have the skills and a wealth of experience to understand and develop people and organisations. We work with you to unlock your potential, whilst optimising your performance and help them to achieve organisational resilience.

A flavour of the consultancy services we offer:

  • Base-line review - Laying the foundations for change, the first step is often a  review designed to provide a evidence-based assessment of where your organisation sits in terms of the resilience maturity scale*. We use software that enables us to measure and track your organisation's capabilities culminating in the development of a plan for improvement.
  • Scenario planning - Helping you to determine the direction of change, we ask the 'what if' questions designed to help you anticipate known, emerging and unknown threats and opportunities.
  • Enterprise risk management - Helping organisations to be risk resilience, we enables senior managers to record and track risk, implement controls to mitigate potential impact and build in (not bolt on) risk management as a key drive for organisational resilience.
  • Business continuity services - Helping you to protect shareholder value, meet regulatory requirements and meet customer expectation. Business continuity is not just about helping organisations to recover from an incident, but to build their resilience so the critical impact is reduced. We understand the challenges that organisations face and have the expertise on hand to work with you to ensure the success of your business continuity programmes.
  • Emergency and crisis management - Our world class emergency response management and crisis leadership capability not only advises and educates resilience professionals, it prepares organisations to react and respond to a wide range of adverse events that present significant survival, as well as reputation, risks.
  • Recovery management - Helping you to return to 'new normal', our experts set the benchmark and actions required for organisations to recover within agreed and acceptable timescales.

To find out how our consultancy services will benefit you and your organisation, please contact our sales team.

* The resilience maturity scale is described in British Standard BS65000.