Free EPC Evening Lecture


How Good Are You?

How Good Are We?

Expectations, Standards and Assurance in UK Resilience

With speaker:  Dr Robert MacFarlane

Wednesday 20th September (8:00pm - 9:30pm) 


placeholder-image.pngUnderstanding capability and performance is a central concern for resilience policy makers and practitioners alike. To improve we need to know what our relative strengths and weaknesses are, and our principals – whether Chief Executives, Chief Officers or Ministers – have a keen interest in knowing whether we, and they, are good enough. Grappling with these issues needs two things, and there is a cart-horse relationship between them. First, it needs standards or statements of expectations – these define the yardstick of ‘what good looks like’. Second, it needs a framework to validate and assure resilience arrangements, capabilities and performance against those standards. And, we need to know what we mean by all of these words and what it all means in practice. Robert MacFarlane will cover the evolving thinking in this area, and be happy to answer as many questions as he can!

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