Free EPC Evening Lecture


Who is the saboteur? How to make better decisions when you are under extreme pressure

Wednesday 21st June (8:00pm - 9:30pm)


How can you make good decisions when chaos surrounds you and you feel under extreme pressure? The biggest factor that sabotages our decision making capacity are our own, largely unconscious, psychological and emotional response to an emergency situation. This talk will help you to understand and manage these psychological processes and manage them to aid rather than sabotage good decision making. 

The aim of the evening lecture is to improve the quality of decision making when under extreme stress.  Dr Drayton looks at the role played by largely unconscious psychological, emotional and group processes, in decision making in high stress situations. He will provide some practical techniques to minimise the probability of a poor decision being made. This is a lively and interactive evening lecture using video case material and active exercises. There will be some audience participation.

The evening lecture will be of help to anyone whose role requires them to make decisions in high stress, crisis and emergency events.

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