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04 Aug 17

Free EPC Evening Lecture

How Good Are You?

How Good Are We?

Expectations, Standards and Assurance in UK Resilience

With speaker:  Dr Robert MacFarlane

Wednesday 20th September (8:00pm - 9:30pm) 

12 Jul 17

New Course:

Local Authority Chief Officers: Delivering Civil Protection

This 1 day course is designed to help chief officers understand how effective emergency management works in practice.

04 Jul 17

Who is the saboteur? How to make better decisions when you are under extreme pressure.

How can you make good decisions when chaos surrounds you and you feel under extreme pressure? The biggest factor that sabotages our decision making capacity are our own, largely unconscious, psychological and emotional response to an emergency situation. This talk will help you to understand and manage these psychological processes and manage them to aid rather than sabotage good decision making.

29 Jun 17

Strategic Emergency and Crisis Management

This course aims to prepare the delegate for emergency management activity at the local strategic level.

27 Jun 17

Welcome to Writing Contingency Plans

This course is designed to explore three areas of contingency plan writing. 1) the system that is required to identify requirements and create effective contingency plans, 2) the process of developing and writing plans with the aid of good practice materials and 3) the processes required to review, maintain and audit the contingency plans that have been created.

13 Jun 17

Safety in Crowded Places


Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience is your duty and your responsibility.

We, as the UK's national authority on resilience and crisis management can help you:

Mitigate the risk; Manage the threat; Limit the impact.

We provide high quality training, consultancy, exercises and support services, firmly committed to helping organisations survive and prosper in the most turbulent of times.