Event and public safety

Building confidence

We can help you, and your teams, plan, prepare and deliver safe and secure events ensuring you have taken account of every reasonable foreseeble emergency or disaster.

Our team of people are collectively the UK's leading authority on event and public safety. We help event organisers, venue owners and operators, emergency responders and all those concerned with event and crowd situations to develop resilience to a whole range of disruptive challenges. We provide this valuable support through; training, exercising, consultancy and support services. We help to ensure successful events and safe places for crowds of people in the UK and around the world.

Each year thousands of people trust us to help them prepare. Not only do we train and support them through the preparation and planning phase, but we are there to lend a helping hand on the day.  We support organisations as they plan and rehearse their response arrangements in a variety of scenarios that might impact an event, crowd management and public safety.

Event and public safety is at the heart of what we do

We are specialists in managing crowd situations and planning for public safety. This takes us into many industries, including; sporting events and venues, transport hubs, retail outlets, leisure and tourism sites, high hazard sites and many public spaces.  The competency based training, consultancy, exercising and support services we offer to these industries include:

  • Risk management
  • Event planning
  • Crowd management
  • Incident planning
  • Crisis management
  • Fire engineering
  • Security and safety
  • Public safety
  • Evacuation modelling and planning

Our services are available to all organisations, whatever their size, whether public, private or voluntary sector. We also work with insurers to provide advice, help organisations to reduce their risk and demonstrate they are prepared for the unexpected.

Our track record

Sporting venues, racing circuits, green-field festivals, shopping centres – we support those responsible for some of the largest venues and events in the UK and across the world.

From the initial planning phase, through implementation to post-event reviews, we have trained, supported, advised and acted as a “critical friend” each step of the way.

In 2012 our public safety team were on hand to support organisers of the Olympic Torch Relay as they prepared to host a large number of spectators. Members of the team worked as Safety Officers at a number of Olympic venues, including the Velodrome and provided training, plan reviews and validation through exercises for each venue prior to the events.

We also supported the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow. The organisers found our knowledge and advice indispensable prior to and during the Games.

The framework we introduced to these events has now been adapted to successfully support our clients from the retail sector, a wide range of sporting venues and the events industry.

Our team also supported the London Borough of Greenwich when they were responsible for delivering the Tall Ships Regatta in 2014. We not only supported them with training, qualifications, plan reviews but we also were there on the day, working at the event.  We provided valuable support as mentors and advisers to Greenwich's control room managers and site managers.

Seeing us in action, London Borough of Greenwich were confident they were receiving the absolute best support and advice available. Not only did we help to deliver a hugely successful event, but we left behind a legacy of learning and development that will endure to serve the management of events in the future.

To find out more about how we can help, please contact our customer services team.

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