Our Global Reach

Our global reach

Unrivalled international experience

EPC is a global leader in training, exercising and consultancy, providing service to the resilience community world-wide.

We currently operate in 19 countries across the globe and, for the past 15 years, we have exported training services to over 1,200 delegates each year.  We operate from the highest strategic level, providing government-to-government assistance and training, through regional and commercial contracts, supporting industrial sectors and individual businesses, down to operational level training in a wide range of skills.

No other training, consultancy and development provider in the UK resilience field has the range and depth of proven expertise and thought leadership found at the EPC.

International programme for clients around the world 



















EPC is able to replicate organisational resilience situations from every perspective; from preparing and recovering from crises through to ‘bouncing back’ to normality.
We would be delighted to:

  •          discuss your aims and objectives
  •          draft a course outline
  •          produce bespoke training and delivery
  •          create comprehensive training materials in different languages
  •          deliver your program at a place and time to suit your needs

We have the flexibility, expertise and experience to deliver wherever our services are required. Please contact us for more information.